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Eating Disorder Clinic

Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge & compulsive eating treatments and more.
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Obesity, Binge / Compulsive Eating & Weight Loss Counselling.
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Mental Health Clinic

Addictions, panic attacks treatments and general mental health.
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Nutritional Rehabilitation

Restores balance, reduces cravings, improves mood and health.
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We are a team of leading professionals

Our team includes UKCP and BACP Accredited Psychotherapists, Eating Disorder Clinicians, Registered & Accredited Coaches, Nutritionists and Holistic Therapists.

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Classes suitable for Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Nurses, Social Workers, Fitness Trainers & other health professionals working with weight management.

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Life Therapies Clinic - Eating Disorders & Mental Health Belfast

Life Therapies Clinic is a Professional, Caring and multi Therapeutic Service. Our approach is fully holistic and incorporates psychological interventions with nutritional support and mind/body therapies to initiate and facilitate a process of positive change in all areas of life.

Each of our experts specialises in a specific area of treatment so we can address detailed individual problems with the utmost expertise. We are living in stressful and difficult times, and at some time in our lives we may feel overwhelmed and need help dealing with our problems. Every day more and more people need help with feelings and problems that seem beyond their control – whether those problems are with an eating disorder, food or weight issues, family situation, job loss, relationships, the death of a loved one, depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma (PTSD), or addiction.

At Life Therapies Clinic, we wish to address and successfully treat moderate to severe mental health issues.

We value your privacy greatly and work within a strict set of ethical and professional guidelines. Your safety and confidentiality are paramount.

Our professional training programmes and workshops are specifically designed to provide you with an optimum learning environment to meet your outcomes. Our programmes are experiential and the combined skills of our trainers means that you will work with like-minded individuals who are keen to explore models of excellence and draw from the latest thinking in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, coaching and health psychology.

In todays fast moving world of social media and availability of online training we still believe that the classroom environment is at the heart and core of all our professional training and workshops.

With live demonstrations from qualified psychotherapists of sometimes complex techniques and an opportunity to practice these to a minimum level of competence in a safe, confidential and supportive environment you can feel confident in the knowledge that you will be properly qualified to work with these therapies on completion of training.

Introductory treatment normally starts with an initial one off session where we will undertake a full personal assessment. This will identify any issues and together we will work out a programme so you can learn why you have a problem, understand it and we will discuss what can be done about it so you can move forward in life with positivity, hope and resources.


Life Therapies
228 Kingsway
BT17 9AE

T: 07706 705814
E: bridin@life-therapies.com

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