Vital Nutritional Workshops

Venue: Belfast

The idea of Vital Nutrition’s workshops is to help motivate and encourage individuals to make small, positive changes to their diet and lifestyle. Our workshops are always presented in an informal setting, in a fun and interactive way and packed full of simple and practical ideas to help people make immediate positive changes for the good of their health.

1. Vital Nutrition for Optimum Health
2. Vital Nutrition for Adrenal Stress Support
3. Vital Nutrition’s Guide to Good Mood Foods

Vital Nutrition for Optimum Health

Most of us take the same route around the supermarket week after week. We may never venture into the aisle that stocks quinoa or tahini – and even if we did, these are the kind of foods we buy on a whim and then find them six months later when we are clearing out a cupboard.

Vital Nutrition’s Jane McClenaghan takes you on a guided tour through your weekly shopping basket. Did you know that your dietary fat helps your body to burn fat, or that almonds can help you sleep better? This talk is an introduction to help participants make positive changes for the good of their health.

Find out…

  • How to make healthy choices next time you shop
  •  How to maximise your energy by changing your diet
  • Why we need fat in our diet
  • An easy how-to-guide for reading food labels
  • Healthy ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner

At the end of the session, attendees will be able to:

  • Choose foods for a more balanced energy levels
  • Recognise good fats in their diet and make changes to redress the balance
  • Read a food label

One day Workshop:

Dates: To be advised & Sat 18th Apr 2013

Course Cost:

Vital Nutrition Workshop £75 [avishi-paypal-button name=”VN WORKSHOP” number=”2″ amount=”75″]

If booked together with EFF Workshop £130 [avishi-paypal-button name=”EFF AND VITAL Nutrition” number=”3″ amount=”130″]


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