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Interest in Gastric Bands and Gastric Bypass Surgery has increased greatly due to celebrities who have publicly admitted they have had the Gastric band and Stomach Band procedures to lose weight.

The Virtual Gastric Band also known as Hypnotic Gastric Band technique engages your subconscious mind to get your body to respond as if you have had a Gastric Band fitted. You will have all the sensations without any of the risks or discomfort of a Surgical Gastric Band and you should still lose weight.

Once the virtual procedure is complete, as in the real procedure, you should feel full after eating just a small amount of food. Because you will be eating less, your stomach will begin to return to a normal size (this is about the size of your fist).

We also help you, (using your subconscious mind and will power), to remove your overeating triggers. Once you have eliminated these triggers you will eat less and more healthily naturally. This procedure works equally well for men and women and you do not have to be obese to benefit from it.

Maybe you want to lose those last few pounds/kilos that will not shift regardless of what diet you follow – then this may be your answer. There are some other psychological and medical conditions that will exclude you from the Hypnotic Gastric Band procedure.

The cost of a Gastric Band surgical procedure varies between £3,980 and £8000.

The Virtual Gastric Band is an investment in yourself that carries no risk to your health before, during or after the procedure. What are you waiting for?

Programme Options

Five 2 hour sessions over a maximum of four weeks, MP3 player and bespoke recordings, up to 2 adjustment sessions and Telephone Support.

The Full Virtual Gastric Band Procedure – this gives the feeling of a stomach that is full when you have consumed about a cup/mug of food/drink.

This is ideal for those that are very overweight or need to lose a lot of weight quickly. It has a similar effect to the normal surgical procedure.

£650 Inclusive

Six 1 hour sessions working with psychotherapy, NLP, cognitive behaviour therapy and EFT. This comprehensive and intensive treatment programme targets the underlying psychological issues which have triggered food addiction, binge eating disorders or other eating disorders.

Includes treatment for; food cravings, negative diet patterns and associations, compulsive eating, underlying belief structures, family history, negative body image and self esteem issues and/or underlying depression.

£300 for 6 sessions booked and paid for in full, or £55.0 per individual session.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

This is fully explained in the initial session. Using hypnotic and psychological techniques I will ‘fit’ the band. As long as you can follow all of the hypnotic procedures you will feel like you really have had the band fitted but without any of the surgical complications. I use similar principles very successfully to help clients to manage pain, overcome traumatic events, cope with depression, eliminate phobias and resolve current and past issues.

Q: Are there any side effects of this treatment?

This is an entirely non-invasive procedure and therefore there are no associated risks. You will have been prepared for the necessary lifestyle changes. There can be a feeling of being deprived, though these are short lived while you make the necessary adjustments.

Q: How fast will I lose weight / How much weight will I lose?

This depends on many variables such as: how overweight you are, how ‘tight’ you have the Virtual Gastric Band, your metabolism, exercise and many other factors. This is not a quick fix and you should expect to stick with it for at least 9 to 12 months.

All your questions will be answered in your initial session.


In 2008 42% of Men and 32% of women were obese (BMI over 30) (source NHS Choices).

Being obese threatens your health with physical risks to your sleep, fatigue, joint and back pain, higher risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The psychological problems are likely to be low self esteem, low confidence, poor self image and significantly, depression.

Many of these psychological problems can, individually, contribute to obesity which can lead to comfort eating. A truly vicious circle.Email today to book your Virtual Gastric Band programme. What’s Stopping You?

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