UKCP Accredited Advanced Patterns in Psychotherapy

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Advanced Patterns in Psychotherapy

Dates: 3rd – 7th December 2018 (Introduction module),
Weekend 1: 11th – 13th January 2019
Weekend 2: 8th – 10th February 2019
Weekend 3: 1st – 3rd March 2019
Weekend 4: 29th – 31st March.
(Weekends 1‐4 running from Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon)
13th – 17th May 2019 (Spring School

Venue: Life Therapies Clinic & Training, Belfast TBC

A 20 day Post Graduate Programme with theory, experiential and applied clinical content, and group supervision.

How to develop your client casework from assessment through to endings, recognition of major psychopathologies, other psychotherapeutic approaches, indications and contraindications for psychotherapy.

The programme provides a comprehensive and integrated learning pathway to advanced practice in psychotherapy. The programme is student directed and across the length of the programme, addresses the clinical, professional and interpersonal needs of the student group to reflect advanced practitioner status. Students will integrate prior learning within a structured framework to develop advanced practitioner competencies within a psychotherapeutic context.

On completion of the award, students will be eligible to be presented to UKCP for accreditation as a psychotherapist, in conjunction with the requisite core modules, clinical practice, clinical supervision and personal therapy hours. Clinical supervision of casework is a core component of this module and will include clinical assessment of live casework.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The techniques/methodologies in advanced clinical psychotherapy
  • How to apply up to date theories and research in clinical psychotherapy
  • The application of human development in psychotherapy
  • How to manage the implications of ethical dilemmas of psychotherapy practice and work proactively with others to formulate solutions
  • How to support clients with different ways of viewing their problem and possible solutions available to them.
  • A range of assessment processes
  • How to assist unconscious behavioural change
  • How to recognise major psychopathologies
  • The indications and contraindications for psychotherapy
  • How to design and deliver a plan of therapy for specific mental health problems.
  • How to Evaluate the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions
  • The importance of the therapeutic relationship and how to work within this
  • Self reflection and self supervision processes that assist your skills as a psychotherapist
  • Effective and ethical business processes for managing your practice

The programme

Module A Psychotherapy as a Social Construct
The place of psychotherapy in society
Social constructs of a therapist
Social Responsibility and Psychotherapy
Sociological perspectives on research and evidence based practice
Structures of Power and Control

Module B Hypnopsychotherapy
Mapping the models of therapy
My therapeutic approach
Satir and Family Therapy
Ericksonian therapy
Gilligan’s self relations therapy

Module C Managing your practice
Record keeping
Data protection
Financial Management
Sending and receiving referrals
The function of supervision

Module D Cultural Awareness
Gender differences and gender discourse
Age as discrimination
Disability and social vs medical constructs
Sexuality and diversity
Cultural and ethnic norms and variables

Module E The Therapeutic Relationship
Managing yourself as a therapist
Contracting with clients
The legal frameworks of psychotherapy
Setting and managing boundaries
Working with intrapsychic challenge
Recognising and working with collusion
Co-dependency patterns of behaviour and relating

Module F Assessment tools
Best practice
Assessment tools
Limitations of assessment tools
Planning care through assessment
Longitudinal projection of care pathway
Assessing commitment to therapy
Secondary gain as resistance

Module G Severe and Enduring Mental Illness
Neuroses vs psychoses
Identifying psychoses
A framework for clinical conditions and a clinical approach
What to refer
When to refer

Module H Developmental Processes
Developmental theories
Working with developmental patterns
Understanding and working with the narrative
Prioritising according to developmental need
Working with symptoms

Module I Other psychotherapeutic approaches
Person Centred therapy
Transactional Analysis
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Gestalt therapy
Brief Solution Oriented Therapy

Module J Psychoanalytic Approaches to Psychotherapy
Freudian Perspectives in psychotherapy
Jungian and Adlerian approaches
Object Relations Theory
Attachment Theory
The Psychoanalytic process
The role of transference and countertransference

Module K The use of self in psychotherapy
The role of the therapist
Managing your own feelings
Holding the space
Self-care behaviours
Recognising risk to self

Module L Affective States
Managing and containing unconscious material
Utilising unconscious processes
Working with metaphor and scripts
Unconscious containment and resolution
Inheriting clients feelings
Working with abreactions
Psychosomatic distress
Working with the impasse
Normalisation of feelings

Module M Creative approaches in psychotherapy
Constellations work
Social panoramas
Clean space
Body Psychotherapy
Dance Therapy
Drama Therapy
Art therapy

Module N Managing Endings
Managing client endings
Relationship of self to endings

Module O Integration and assessment
Integration of learnings
Self and peer assessment

Investment: £1,800

There is the option of an interest free payment plan, or a discount for payment in full.

Payment options

Option 1 ‐ Payment Plan:
Introduction– 5 days £450
Module 1 – 2 days £225
Module 2– 2 days £225
Module 3 – 2 days £225
Module 4 – 2 days £225
Module 5 – 2 days £225
Spring School – 5 Days £225
TOTAL £1800

Option 2 – Discount: £180 discount if paid in full by 31/10/18

Option 3 – Discount: £100 discount if 50% paid by 31/10/18  the remaining 50% paid by 17.12 .18

Location: Life Therapies Clinic, 3 Wellington Park, Belfast BT9 6DJ
Tel: 0845 8732036
Email: info@awakenschool.co.uk
Web: www.awakenschool.co.uk

Advanced Patterns in Psychotherapy

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This course is accredited by The UKCP United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy


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