Lisa de Rijk – UKCP Honorary Fellow and former Chair


Personal Profile

  • Lisa de Rijk, Director, Awaken Consulting & Training Services Ltd, and Awaken School of Outcome Oriented Psychotherapies Ltd.
  • Consultancy Experience to a diverse range of organisations in coaching, training, facilitation, change management since 1997
    Consultant to Northern Foods Group since 1998. Extensive experience in leadership development, marketing, sales, policy development.
  • Consultant to Napp Pharmaceuticals and Mundipharma Research Ltd since 1998. Extensive experience in working with sales, marketing, regulatory affairs, HR and personnel.
  • Consultant to NHS primary and secondary care organisations, on issues incorporating policy guidance and implementation into business development, clinical and management processes. Design and delivery of team and management development programmes.
  • Advisor to ANLP (Association of NLP). Member of Accreditation Panel
  • Vice Chair and Chair of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) 2003-2007
  • Training Standards Officer and Chair NLPtCA (Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association) 2001-2003
  • Steering group of first international NLP Research Conference, Surrey University
  • Former Trustee of Cleveland Family Mediation Service 2007-2008
  • Advisor to Global NLP Research and Recognition Project
  • Doctorate candidate in psychology – University of Surrey
  • Clinical Psychotherapist
  • Honorary Fellow UKCP

After starting her career in NHS clinical practice as a nurse, Lisa moved into NHS management in 1992, until she left to commence her own shared business in 1997. Using NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) as a launch pad, Lisa has developed extensive experience as a Coach, Facilitator, Change Agent, Trainer, Supervisor and Mentor. Now a Master Trainer of NLP, Lisa is also accredited by the UKCP as a neurolinguistic psychotherapist and has an MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice focusing on the applied psychology of NLP. Lisa is currently studying towards a PhD in Psychology at Surrey University.

Key Experience with Awaken Consulting

Lisa has worked with a variety of organisations and has an established portfolio of clients in the public and commercial sectors.

Lisa has successfully developed the business to include a team of Associate Consultants, offering training, coaching and development services to companies as diverse as Northern Foods

Group, Bayer Cropscience, Mundipharma, Tubelines, BASF, Napp Pharmaceuticals, Keepmoat, Health and Local Authorities.

Lisa’s most significant project in the commercial sector is to work as management development consultant and advisor to Northern Foods Group since 1998.

She has assisted the organisation to manage a changing agenda and to increase their market share of quality products. Within the public sector, Lisa worked closely with the NHS Modernisation Agency in implementing the national Clinical Governance Framework for medical and pharmacy contracts. Lisa is currently working with Cardiff City Council supporting leadership and development for the Integrated Partnership Board working which is a development from Locality Working.

Lisa’s recent groundbreaking publication on the applied psychology of NLP is currently being utilised by the US and Canadian Military to inform the development of a programme to manage PTSD for the US Veterans Association.

Key experience with UKCP

Lisa was instrumental in working with the Government and Dept of Health on the statutory regulation of psychotherapy, psychology and counselling and the White Paper on the regulation of non-medical professionals. She worked closely with Skills for Health in implementing the ground work for the development of National Occupational Standards for Psychotherapy. She also challenged the notion of a therapeutic mono-culture for psychotherapy and provided researched based evidence within the Dept of Health and House of Lords to counter the drive by the Dept of Health to exclude equally effective forms of psychotherapy.

Key experience as a psychotherapist

Lisa has developed her clinical practice since 1997, and has developed an extensive portfolio of clinical experience, including the use of brief therapy with clients with complex needs, working with children and adolescents and developing a combined integrative and neurolinguistic approach to psychotherapy. Lisa has also completed a 2 year post qualifying training in integrative child psychotherapy. Lisa provides support to other psychotherapists as a clinical supervisor, mentor, therapist and regular writer and reviewer in professional journals.


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Lisa de Rijk (formerly Wake)

07802 985282
0845 8732036

Lisa can be contacted directly on:  lisa@awakenconsulting.co.uk


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