Psychotherapy gives you a regular time to think – and talk – about the feelings you have about yourself and other people (especially your family and those you are close to). You discuss:

  • What’s happening in your life at the moment – how you do things and the part you play in things going right or wrong for you
  • What has happened in the past
  • How the past can affect how you are feeling, thinking and behaving right now.

The Therapist will help you to make these connections between the past and the present. She will often comment on what happens in the sessions as you talk together.

This can help to show how some of the things that you feel, do and say are not driven by your conscious thoughts and feelings, but by unconscious feelings from your past. And if it is happening in the therapy sessions, it will also be happening in your day-to-day life.

When you understand these connections better, you can make decisions based on what you want or need now, not what your past experiences drive you to do.

Psychotherapy usually involves regular, 60-minute meetings. These can be weekly or more often if needed. If you have a more straightforward problem, you may only need a few weeks or months of therapy.


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