Weightloss (Bariatric) Surgery Counselling

Woman showing fat bellyBariatric surgery (weight-loss surgery) includes a variety of procedures performed on people who are obese. This treatment should not be thought of as an easy or ‘quick fix’ method to weightloss, but may be suitable if you have coexisting medical conditions such as diabetes or you have tried unsuccessfully on numerous occasions to lose weight.


Bariatric counselling will help you decide if this option is right for you, help to prepare you emotionally for the surgery, support you during the process and after the surgery we will help you change and improve your relationship with food.

Sessions would start with a full personal assessment which would then be followed up with tailored personal one to one sessions which will provide simple techniques on how to maintain weightloss in the long term, how to conquer cravings and control eating habits, emotional strengthening to banish comfort eating, how to manage unhelpful thinking, obsessions, deal with depression, boost self esteem and how to deal with any other issues which have been identified in your personal assessment.

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