Mens Eating Disorders

Man's stomach with a sticking out inscription helpEating disorders are not monopolised by women and we understand that males of all ages get eating disorders too.

In these times of celebrities and sports heroes, men and even boys are concerned with how they look and there is increasing pressure for men to fight the flab and tone up. But when does this turn from a normal goal of health and fitness to an eating disorder?

Consider the following statements

  • You have lost a lot of weight and someone is concerned, but you are not.
  • You throw up or take laxatives to prevent weight gain.
  • You are obsessed with fitness and exercise. You feel like a bad person for even thinking of taking a day off.
  • Nothing is as important as losing weight and/or increasing your fitness. Everything in your life is centred on food, exercise and weight.
  • Either you binge eat compulsively or you avoid eating at all. You struggle to control your weight
  • You feel like a good, successful person if you are hungry.
  • Your self esteem is poor and you are staying away from your friends.
  • Your moods are very up and down, you are anxious and miserable.

Answering YES to any of these questions might be a sign that you need some support.


This is an eating disorder/body image disorder which is specific to males and this is when a man comes to believe that he is not big or strong enough. He begins to work obsessively to build muscle and lose fat.

Consider the following statements

  • Feeling flabby or too lean
  • Comparing yourself continually to stronger, muscled men
  • Going to the gym and working out obsessively in a number of ways
  • Overdosing on protein and chaotic eating
  • Taking steroids or body building supplements – or considering it
  • Purging if you eat too many carbs or too much fat

Answering YES to any of these questions might be a sign that you are suffering from Bigorexia.


The aim of treatment is to help the client acknowledge there is a problem with their relationship with food and to help remove the distorted perception on their body image so they can master their own thoughts and feelings which are driving them to lose or gain weight and eat unhealthily or abuse their body with muscle enhancing substances.

The therapy is designed to help you move forward by developing a new sense of well being and self confidence and to provide you with the tools to deal with situations when negative feelings arise.

The treatment would start with a full personal assessment which would then be followed up with tailored personal one to one sessions which will provide simple techniques on how to maintain motivation to change, how control eating habits and/or excessive gym and work out sessions, how to cope with stressful situations, how to manage unhelpful thinking, obsessions, body image perceptions, build self esteem and how to deal with any other issues which have been identified in your personal assessment.

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