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Sad girl in washroom.Watching a child, family member, friend, or colleague struggling with weight issues or eating disorders can be very stressful and distressing, especially if they refuse to admit there is a problem or refuse help and treatment for the problem. We can help and support you so you can help and support them.

YOU are likely to be worried, frustrated, sometimes angry and often in a great deal of conflict. Love alone will not help.

How can we help?

Research shows clearly that recovery is faster and better when families, friends and colleagues are taught how to be involved with therapy in the right way.

We can help you do the right thing at the right time with someone who is struggling with an eating disorder & issues around food. We can even help you to find a way through what may feel like a medical maze.


The programme would start with a full assessment where you can discuss your friend or family members eating disorder and the history behind the symptoms. This can be with or without them in the session. You can use this confidential session to discuss any of your concerns, to get advice on how to approach someone who is denying a problem, how to take treatment forward, how to get support and care for yourself or other family members.

This initial meeting would be followed up with tailored personal sessions to help you with practical skills and emotional support. For example, how to let your loved one or friend know, kindly and without blame or anger, that you are getting some support for yourself to help you cope with your concerns, how to accept that there is no ‘blame’ and how to accept that you can provide help, but you cannot take responsibility.

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