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I am free! No, not free of eating disorders. Wouldn’t that just be fabulous? No, I am school free. I handed in my last assignment and did my exam and that’s me done with Stage 2 of my degree, Stage three to start in October. So yes, studying is part of the reason why I

Self-Evaluation of What to do with the New Year!

First of all, the obvious, Christmas, this year, has been both great and challenging for me. It was great because my parents were here. It was challenging because my parents were here. Visitors, for any period of time, disturb your routines and, in this process of recovery in which I find myself, routine has become


A few days ago I went for coffee with two women I’ve known for years, although I don’t see them very often. As we sat down and greeted each other, they started talking about this diet they had been on, which apparently they were doing together. It got me thinking that, for years, every time

The Greatest Love of All!

  The Greatest Love of All The greatest love of all is probably a mother’s love, but there is another one, one that will support you and help you for the rest of your life, the love you have for yourself. I’ve talked in past articles about how the self-esteem of people with eating disorders

8 Ways to Break Up With Perfection

For decades, we’ve been encouraged to strive for the ever-illusive notion of perfection — having the perfect body or being the perfect mom or grinding it out at the perfect job so you can build a perfect bank account and live in the perfect home. The truth is, perfection doesn’t exist. And the fact that


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