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Push it, Push it Good… or not?

This morning, as I sat to breakfast, and in my almost starting-over with recovery status, I decided to eat my toast and eggs mindfully. Eating mindfully, if you don’t know, means eating with no distractions, paying particular attention to your food with all your senses: what it looks like, how it smells, how it tastes,


I am free! No, not free of eating disorders. Wouldn’t that just be fabulous? No, I am school free. I handed in my last assignment and did my exam and that’s me done with Stage 2 of my degree, Stage three to start in October. So yes, studying is part of the reason why I

Give me a Reason – An Eating Disorder’s Short Biography

  The answer that might first come to mind is ‘ruining your life’ but that’s collateral damage. Eating disorders are without doubt detrimental for both your mental health and physical health, but they weren’t born out of an evil desire to hurt yourself. Eating disorders are, more often than not, a coping mechanism for some

Sound the Alarm! – Signs of Eating Disorders

When I explain my issues to people close to me, they find it difficult to believe that I suffer from Binge Eating Disorder, mostly because they don’t see me do it. It would be easy to say that I know better what’s going on with my body but then I remember this is a situation

It’s Not All or Nothing!

Although I already approached the subject of New Year Resolutions on my last article, it occurs to me that there is more to them than simply what the resolution is and how we get to them. As we embark on a new year, new process, new lifestyle, we need to consider how we are going

Self-Evaluation of What to do with the New Year!

First of all, the obvious, Christmas, this year, has been both great and challenging for me. It was great because my parents were here. It was challenging because my parents were here. Visitors, for any period of time, disturb your routines and, in this process of recovery in which I find myself, routine has become


A few days ago I went for coffee with two women I’ve known for years, although I don’t see them very often. As we sat down and greeted each other, they started talking about this diet they had been on, which apparently they were doing together. It got me thinking that, for years, every time

Normal Eating, it Exists!

Back when I first realised I had a problem, my goal was to lose weight. My approach to my recovery was, in many ways, part of the problem, as it had a lot to do with my shape and my size and how I felt about it. But part of the problem was also this

Stand By Me!

As a BED sufferer, I have had to guide my family to help me get through the process of recovery. I can’t say it’s a 100% successful process, though. The two main people in my life who needed this guidance were my mother and my husband. I have to say that they both have made

Far from the Arms of Hunger!

  Yesterday I attended a kid’s birthday party, the son of a friend. The party was organised at noon in an indoor soft-play area. The kids played for over an hour and then they had a choice of chicken, fish, burger or sausages, and chips, and ice cream for desert, and then cake. Unfortunately for


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