4 Year Training Pathway to UKCP Psychotherapy Accreditation

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Do you want to gain accreditation with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)?

Awaken School are developing a pathway of training for students. Bridin McKenna and Eamonn McVeigh are Awaken’s representatives in Northern and Southern Ireland.

We welcome candidates who already have BACP accreditation and will support you to develop your portfolio towards UKCP accreditation. For most applicants your existing BACP membership is likely to be granted the full 2 years APL allowed.

The Pathway

  • 2 years of Practical Clinical Training
  • 1 year of Research and Clinical Practice
  • 1 year of Advanced Clinical Training
  • 450 client contact hours
  • 250 Personal Therapy and Development hours
  • Clinical Supervision – ratio 1:6
  • Written assignments

The Process

  • Apply for School Membership – Fees £100 per year
  • Apply for Approval of Previous Learning (APL) – Fees £250 (Maximum 2 years training and 1 year clinical practice granted)
  • Apply for training course

To receive further information please contact us at our offices:

Life Therapies Clinic, Belfast
07706 705814

Bridin McKenna on bridin@life-therapies.com
Eamonn McVeigh on empowermentconsulting@googlemail.com

Address: Awaken School, PO Box 79, York, YO61 3WQ
Tel: 0845 8732036 OR 01642 312665
Email: info@awakenschool.co.uk
Web: www.awakenschool.co.uk

The following pathway leads to the awarding of a Postgraduate Diploma in Outcome Oriented Psychotherapies which signifies a student has completed all the steps necessary to be accredited by the Hypnopsychotherapy section of UKCP. The sections marked in blue indicate the compulsory components of each year. Non-compulsory programmes in years 1 and 2 are interchangeable and is dependent on amount of APL granted and individual learning needs. The training modules in years 1 and 2 can be done as stand‐alone programmes and as CPD or as part of the pathway.




Life Therapies
228 Kingsway
BT17 9AE

T: 07706 705814
E: bridin@life-therapies.com

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