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susanSusan Reid EFT Master Practitioner and Modern Stress management Facilitator; Motivation Therapist and Coach.

Building on my experience of 23 years as a senior manager in health and social services and the not for profit sector I retrained in 2014 as a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP coach which led me to want to learn more about a technique known as Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping”. So in August 2015 I trained with Bridin McKenna to qualify as a Master Practitioner and then in November went on to qualify as a Modern Stress Management Consultant. I have a particular interest in stress and the evidence based modalities that allow us to not just remove the interference of stress from our mind and bodies but actually to feel, act and think better. I believe in a holistic approach to health and well-being and that we each have the innate knowledge of what we need. I offer sessions tailored to meet the needs of the individual drawing on all my experience but focusing on EFT.

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In 1982 I graduated from QUB and was accepted as a graduate management trainee in the health and social services in Northern Ireland. I completed a “cook’s tour” of the health and social care system working at every level from DHSS through to shifts with porters and domestic service staff in the Royal Victoria Hospital. My last post in Health and Social Care was as Director of Commissioning and Planning in the Southern Health and Services Board. I then took up the role of Country Director ( Northern Ireland and Isle of Man ) for the Royal National Institute of the Blind and from there moved to be the Chief Executive of Victim Support in Northern Ireland.

In August 2010 I qualified as ILM level 7 Executive Coach and Leadership mentor and discovered a passion for working with people on a one to one basis helping them clarify what they wanted for themselves and how to best make that change happen. The training awakened an interest in positive psychology and I was fascinated to learn some of the techniques which were less about defining why a person felt bad and more about how they could feel better.

In 2014, after a period of intense personal stress and by researching ways to help me bring about the change I wanted in my own life I trained with Matthew Ferguson in Inverness to achieve a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching. Part of the course included a module on Emotional freedom Technique or “tapping” as it is sometimes referred to. I began to use the techniques I had learned with clients on a one to one basis and noticed how many people were displaying signs of stress but had no awareness of their own stress levels. In 2014 I studied Mindfulness techniques as a means to working with people and used techniques from Mindfulness and Yoga to assist clients in relaxation. The more people I worked with and the more I researched into evidence based modalities the more curious I became to learn more about new developments in EFT and this was how I met Bridin McKenna and undertook the course she led in positive EFT. I achieved the level of Master Practitioner in August 2015. The results I have seen in practice convinced me to take on further training in techniques to use EFT to not just remove stress but to increase positive well being and to that end I completed the Modern Stress Management Facilitator course in November of 2015. I am also currently training to be a Yoga Instructor.

As someone who has had the experience of personal benefit from Life Therapies both as a client and a student I am thrilled to join the team and offer EFT as my personal contribution.

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