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Roisin Armstrong graduated from the University of Ulster in 1989, she first became fascinated by Kinesiology in the early 1990’s and qualified first as a practitioner in 1997. Following 3 years of study in London she became an acupuncturist in 2004.

For the past 15 years Roisin has written a very popular health column every Wednesday in The Irish News. The research for these articles keeps her up to date with current thinking on complementary medicine, diet, exercise and new developments in nutritional supplementation, and up to date on expert opinions and research studies.

Roisin has always been passionate about health especially in terms of what control we each as individuals have on our food and exercise choices and therefore what we can do to keep ourselves as healthy as we can for all of our lives. Roisin says “ Our health is our greatest gift and it is ultimately our responsibility to take the best care of it that we can. Our bodies are like a car and we need only 5 basic factors to maintain it. We need good quality fuel, oil, air and water and we need regular servicing to ensure optimum performance. I would like to see every person treating their body’s to at least 2 “service” treatments every year. Whilst complementary medicine can be amazing for treating health issues, health maintenance in terms of preventative health is so much easier than trying to repair a body once it has become ill.”

Roisin uses food testing to establish if there are any foods causing difficulty for the body. Eating the wrong things for your system, and everyone is different, can trigger any number of unpleasant reactions from skin rashes, breathing difficulties like sinus problems, asthma and snoring, to joint pain, foggy brain and insomnia. If such a food is identified advice is given on how to gently remove it from the diet and alternatives given to ensure sound nutrition and the least possible stress.

Roisin tailors eating plans for each client to gently encourage a return to energy and vitality. Within the clinic it is anticipated that cookery classes may also be offered to make changes in the diet as enjoyable and easy as possible.

Nutritional supplementation may also be important so each client is tested for any relevant nutrition needed to fully support the body.

As a Chinese Medicine practitioner emphasis is placed on supporting the body through physical treatments to restore health and balance

Roisin works closely with Life Therapies Clinic treating clients with diverse health issues such as candida, gluten and food intolerances, adrenal exhaustion and stress management.  Roisin’s gentle and empathetic approach puts all our clients at ease.

Roisin has recently published a cookery book on healthy eating called “Porridge is an Aphrodisiac” which will give you a better understanding of the food you eat and what it does. (Copies are available to purchase at Life Therapies Clinic). Click below and see Roisin talk about her book.

Contact Roisin:-  Mobile :07770 862637     Email: roisin835@btopenworld.com

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