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YM Gillian Killiner-0004Gillian qualified with BSc. (Hons) PGDip. MSc. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland in 1997. She is registered with The British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the HCPC professional bodies and practices evidence based medicine.

Her specialist training was in the award winning Dietetic Department at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, London and her successful 18 year career spans throughout Hospitals and community in Northern Ireland. She has Paediatric experience both professionally and personally, with 2 of her 3 children suffering from multiple food allergies and the consequence this entails.

Gillian fully understands about restrictions people face in their lives, as her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was aged just 5, life wasn’t simply just get up and go.

Gillian decided to set up her Dietetic Consultancy Service 6 years ago to be able to blend her wealth of knowledge with her 3 kids and busy external family life. She still consults for the NHS as a specialist for gastro-intestinal dysfunction: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (FODMAPs trained Kings College 2011) Coeliac, IBD, Diverticular disease, gastritis.

Gillian herself was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition Hashimoto’s 2 years ago resulting from her last pregnancy. She suffered; severe brain fog, fatigue, hair loss, low body temperature, muscle and bone aches, low mood, she has fortunately completely resolved these symptoms with her nutrition expertise and medical knowledge and can really relate to anyone with symptoms but has no answers.

With her blend of life experience and her expert knowledge as a Dietitian, Gillian’s clinics are unique, she does not just hand out a diet sheet for you to get on with! Gillian is a scientist, cook, mother, patient and diet and health detective, her assessment of the full person during the initial 1 hour consultation ensures that your health and well-being is investigated with a fine tooth-comb and all issues related to dietary health addressed.

Gillian has a passion for sport and regularly has several top level athletes in training with excellent results. She is a member of the BDA Sports Dietitians UK.

Gillian is trained in the excellent Counterweight Programmes these are evidence based weight management programmes for various individuals needing to address their or their families weight and health. The counterweight programmes are unique in teaching you to keep the weight off for good, no more yo-yo dieting. For those needing to lose greater amounts of weight the more intensive Counterweight Plus non—surgical programme includes 12 weeks of total diet replacement.

In addition to her busy clinics, Gillian is the media spokesperson for the in Northern Ireland and features regularly in newspapers, magazines, radio locally and nationally.

Her aim: To help people get off medication, eat wholesome healthy food choices, learning what works for them while guiding them through the jungle of conflicting nutritional advice.

Main areas of interest: Weight management, Gastro-intestinal dysfunction, Eating Disorders, Auto-immune conditions, nutrition and mental health, corporate health and well-being, sports nutrition, nutri-genomics.

Gillian will be available at Life Therapies Clinic to offer specialist dietetic support and refeeding for anorexia, bulimia and obesity management.

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