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Bridin McKenna

Principal & Lead Therapist

Bridin is accredited by the UKCP as a clinical psychotherapist with a specialism in neurolinguistic psychotherapy (NLPt), hypno-psychotherapy and energy psychologies. She is a leading eating disorder clinician, obesity specialist, trainer, master trainer, speaker, consultant, advocate, and is Northern Ireland’s only practicing holistic psychotherapist.

“I strongly believe that we can only take personal responsibility for our own lives, our actions and our inactions.”

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Majella Farrell

Associate-Naturopathic Consultant, Nutritionist and Homotoxicologist

Majella Farrell, Live Well Clinic is a highly reputable specialist clinic that offers a wide variety of complementary therapies for patients throughout Northern Ireland. I hold a vast amount of knowledge within the healthcare industry and I’m confident that I can provide you with the ideal treatment to suit your needs, whether you have suffered an injury as a result of physical activity, or if you need help with food sensitivity testing.

I am a fully qualified Naturopathic Consultant, Nutritionist and Homotoxicologist and registered nurse (RMN). As well as this, I am happy to help with reflexology, sports massage and aromatherapy. I can also provide advice on food and chemical sensitivity testing if required.​

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Deborah McCullough

Associate - Eating Disorder & Weight Management - North West & North East areas.

Deborah started her counselling training in 1997 and has been working as a full-time therapist from 2006. She has an extensive range of qualifications and has gained vast experience working with a diverse range of issues, providing services to people of all ages. Through Deborah’s work with clients she developed a growing passion in helping people find comfort with issues around body, shape and weight concerns. She completed training from National Centre for Eating Disorders and has qualified as a Practitioner in Eating Disorders.

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Claire Feldman

Associate -Eating Disorder, Weight Management & EFT Practitioner

Claire’s true passion lies in helping women overcoming their Food, Weight and Body image issues.  Having recovered herself from a history of Disordered Eating, Claire knew she wanted to specialise and set about gaining more knowledge in this area.  This led her to train as a Nutrition Coach with the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin, which provided great insight into the relationship between Nutrition and Mental Health.


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Karen Maitland

Associate - Counsellor/Trauma Counsellor,Eating Disorder & EFT Practitioner

Karen believes that therapy allows clients to have a space in which they can explore their inner self without fear of judgement and derision. Summoning the courage to enter therapy about what is distressing us can be extremely difficult, but also the most powerful step towards improving our overall wellbeing. Karen has a firm belief that counselling is an investment in self, allowing the space and time to explore the root cause of day to day difficulties in life. Counselling helps the client understand these issues more clearly and provides ways to move on and to feel connected again.

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