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Bridin McKenna

Principal & Lead Therapist

Bridin is accredited by the UKCP as a clinical psychotherapist with a specialism in neurolinguistic psychotherapy (NLPt), hypno-psychotherapy and energy psychologies. She is a leading eating disorder clinician, obesity specialist, trainer, master trainer, speaker, consultant, advocate, and is Northern Ireland’s only practicing holistic psychotherapist.

“I strongly believe that we can only take personal responsibility for our own lives, our actions and our inactions.”

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Isobel McGill

Associate - Weight Management Therapist & Counsellor

Isobel is a fully qualified registered therapist working in the Belfast and Bangor areas. Isobel has training in understanding eating disorders mainly anorexia and bulimia from The Maudsley approach and is currently expanding on her knowledge whilst doing the Master Practitioner Training in Eating Disorders with National Centre for Eating Disorders.

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Roisin Armstrong

Associate -Holistic Healthcare

Roisin Armstrong graduated from the University of Ulster in 1989, she first became fascinated by Kinesiology in the early 1990’s and qualified first as a practitioner in 1997. Following 3 years of study in London she became an acupuncturist in 2004.

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Elaine Henderson

Associate -Counsellor/Psychotherapist & Eating Disorder Practitioner

 Elaine says, “I believe that by bringing together all the elements of myself – my professional knowledge, skills and experience, alongside my warmth and enthusiastic personality, I am able to support and help my clients during difficult and challenging times –  to develop a normal relationship with food, their weight, body and emotions, and regain life balance, affect change and build resilience for the future.”

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Deborah McCullough

Associate - Eating Disorder & Weight Management - North West & North East areas.

Deborah started her counselling training in 1997 and has been working as a full-time therapist from 2006. She has an extensive range of qualifications and has gained vast experience working with a diverse range of issues, providing services to people of all ages. Through Deborah’s work with clients she developed a growing passion in helping people find comfort with issues around body, shape and weight concerns. She completed training from National Centre for Eating Disorders and has qualified as a Practitioner in Eating Disorders.

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Lisa de Rijk

Associate - UKCP Honorary Fellow and former Chair

Lisa is a UKCP accredited Psychotherapist. Her special interests are in Attachment Disorder and Brief Therapies. Currently studying for her Doctorate in Psychology, Lisa brings a breadth and depth to your training experience.

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James Kernan

Associate - Counsellor/Addictions Counsellor, Therapist

James has developed a growing passion in working with Addiction & Relational issues. James currently works within the community as an Addictions Counsellor where he provides therapeutic support to people of all ages with addiction related issues. In 2015 James commenced to build his own private practice in Belfast City, here he provides therapeutic support to people of all ages. James works as an associate Counsellor at Life Therapies Clinic and offers an extensive treatment recognising the importance of every client’s individual needs at a pace to suit.

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