Nutritional Rehabilitation

Best Fruit & Vegetables PictureNutritional rehabilitation is the foundation of all treatment at the Life Therapies Clinic. Its purpose it to restore a sense of physiological balance to the body to allow psychological work to take place and effect. Many people present with a pattern of chaotic eating and a set of unhelpful values and beliefs about food and ‘dieting’, nutritional rehabilitation seeks to work as a behaviour therapy to change this.

Behavioural patterns such as dietary chaos, eating junk food or binging on alcohol all lead to nutritional deficiency in essential fats, protein and insufficient complex carbohydrates. This all effects the body by slowing metabolism, gross deficiencies, poor gastric function and hormonal imbalances. This can result in cravings, easy weight gain, tiredness, lethargy, anxiety and depression.

Nutritional rehabilitation restores the balance, reduces cravings, improves mood, thinking and health and supports psychological interventions and therapy. You can expect to receive practical guidance, support and motivation towards physiological health and vitality. The unique coaching you will receive at this first phase of treatment will equip you with a resourceful toolkit for life and empower you with the skills to a more healthier radiant self.

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