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Weight Management at Life-Therapies

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How do you feel?

  • Are you sick of yo-yo dieting?
  • Does thinking about food rule your life?
  • Do you feel you have tried everything and nothing has worked?
  • Have you lost weight in the past only to regain it or never feel you can shift any lbs at all?
  • Do you tell yourself all you need is willpower?
  • Are you always trying to find the right diet?
  • Do you start on a Monday and then lose the plot?
  • Do you feel there is no other way other than starting the next diet?

Getting the Right Help & Support

It is difficult to deal with a weight problem on your own, however with the right guidance help and support weight loss is possible. At life-therapies Clinic we will help you manage your weight and regain a sense of normal eating and a positive relationship to food and your body.

Our therapists and coaches are trained in Physiological Interventions in Obesity with the NCFED (National Centre of Eating Disorders), a unique evidence based program that explores all aspects of your life in relation to weight, food and eating. After a confidential assessment process that allows an exploration of what has been going on for you a personalised treatment model will be formulated outlining a way forward.

  • We will assist you in understanding how your past has contributed to your current situation.
  • Assist you with motivation to change.
  • Help you with nutritional guidance that will allow you to become in touch with your natural appetite and reduce cravings.
  • Manage your thinking about food and allow it to have a place in your mind but not rule it.
  • Assist with emotional management that will allow you to manage life and its stresses without having to turn to food.
  • Manage times of lapse and help you recover from these.
  • Work on your body image, self worth and an overall happier self.

All work is carried out in the comfort of a private room in our clinic. Our therapists and coaches are compassionate, caring and understanding and will assist and guide in the best way forward for you.


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